Cassandra Greene, MA Student

Areas of Focus

  • Individual Therapy
  • Child & Adolescent Counseling
  • Trauma
  • Depression / Anxiety


  • Mesa
Counseling Intern

Cassie is a Masters Student at Phoenix Seminary working on completing her internship hours in order to obtain Licensure as an Associate Counselor and then becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. Cassie values the importance of the client/counselor relationship, and the healing and growth that hurting clients can have when they are fully seen and supported as they journey through life’s challenges.

Cassie approaches counseling from an attachment perspective, seeking to help clients understand how their family of origins and early life attachment experiences play into their views of self and life, and how this plays out in their current challenges. She uses a strengths-based approach by helping clients identify and utilize the resiliency and creativity within them to aid in the healing process. Cassie acknowledges that one’s faith in God is very important as he or she deals with life’s struggles. She recognizes Jesus as One who is well acquainted with suffering and who enters into peoples’ pain and difficulties. She enjoys integrating her Christian faith into the counseling process for those who desire this.

Cassie has a background in Foster Care and Child Protection. She has previously worked as a Parent Aide cheering on parents and helping them obtain skills to enhance their caregiving skills with the goal of reunifying with their children. She then worked as a Foster Care Licensing Specialist, supporting foster parents and ensuring foster children received the care and resources to be successful in their out of home placement. She also has a long history of working with children in a variety of settings such as daycares, Preschool, Sunday school, and as a nanny. All of these experiences have given her a passion for helping children and families thrive.

Cassie uses a variety of modalities to fit the needs of her clients including but not limited to attachment theory, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Family Systems, and parts work.