We offer traditional and contemporary professional services. Call us at 480-730-6222 or email us at to set up the type of appointment that is right for you. Here are the service areas of focus offered by our employees and independent providers:

Traditional Counseling in the Office:

Our offices are conveniently located in different areas of the Valley. You can meet with one of our counselors in the comfort and safety of one of our professional counseling centers. Please consult the Team page to read about our providers, and e-mail or call us to set up an in-person session at the office that is most convenient for you.

Marriage Counseling and Intensive Marriage Restoration:

The PCA counselors have extensive training and experience in helping couples strengthen and restore marriage relationships. Our team offers many options for couples needing either male or female counselors, and we have many strategies for helping you achieve your relationship goals. We work with couples who need intervention and reunification for sexual difficulties, infidelity, communication breakdowns, and family issues, to name a few. We also offer multi-hour blocks of time for “Intensive” counseling and many times we utilize co-therapy with two counselors. Dr. Michael offers multi-hour, and multi-day intensive interventions for couples wanting a complete restructure of their marriages.

Family Counseling and Intervention: 

Many times the entire family needs help in sorting out difficult things. Whether you have children that are experiencing life stressors and transitions, or there is fallout from divorce or trauma, our counselors are prepared and experienced to consult with your family to create the most effective strategies for healing and open communication. The PCA team can also help with family dynamics related to illnesses, aging, and life events. Adolescents and Children need help at various stages in life. Many of our counselors specialize in working with kids of all ages, and can offer specific interventions including play therapy and comprehensive assessments for childhood issues.

Psychological Testing and Assessment:

Our staff includes licensed psychologists who provide an array of testing services, including psychological, developmental, neuropsychological and ADHD, academic and learning disorders, and personality assessments. Dr. Branton leads our clinical providers who are able to do assessments with children, teens, and adults.

General Medical Services and Naturopathic Medical Services:

PCA has contracted with at least two medical professionals that serve our clients at our locations. Our Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and our Naturopathic Medical Doctor offer general medical check-ups, acute care, medication services, sports physicals, nutrition, allergy assessment, women’s issues, and other specialized medical care. Your PCA medical provider can also coordinate with your PCA counselor if your treatment includes medication management for certain issues like depression and anxiety.

Family Forensic Services:

Dr. Branton has been working in conjunction with the Arizona family courts for many years. He and many of our professionals at PCA now provide different types of forensic/court-related services including appointments by a judge to provide psychological assessment, custody evaluations, parenting coordination, therapeutic interventions, re-integration therapy, etc. Please contact us to see if we might be a good fit for your unique needs.

Pastoral Counseling:

At Professional Counseling Associates, our providers have backgrounds that include spiritual/Christian integration that helps them care for their clients with compassion and integrity, with a solid knowledge of Biblical truths. Additionally, we do have one Christian professional on the counseling team that is solely dedicated to pastoral counseling. If you are experiencing doubt, grieving the loss of a loved one, or experiencing a difficult life-transition, please let us know how we can encourage you in your faith. The PCA team welcomes people from different denominations and faiths with compassion and acceptance.

Ministry and Church Team Consultation:

With a broad range of experience and education, our professional providers are available for consultation with your professional ministry and business teams. Many of us offer formal and informal training seminars, team-building sessions, keynote addresses, and group facilitation programs. Our professionals offer consulting and counseling services to schools, churches, community organizations, and businesses.

Areas of Focus

Our team of professionals in Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ work with a broad range of emotional, behavioral, cognitive, medical and adjustment problems affecting children, adolescents, adults and their families. We also provide services for individuals who are not experiencing problems but who want to actualize their full potential. Some examples of areas of expertise are:

Other Services & Modalities

Dr. Branton & Dr. Michael also provides supervision and consultation services for counselors and psychologists.

* Certain ethical considerations and practice restrictions may apply. If you need immediate mental health assistance, please contact a local mental health professional or dial 9-1-1 for crisis situations. Additionally, your counselor or psychologist will verbally address issues regarding confidentiality and privacy with you, as well as provide you with a written informed consent form.